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FEATURE: PEGI is law – what now?

A lot has happened since Tanya Byron first put pen to paper on her Byron Review in September 2007. We’ve had the on-set of the global recession, swine flu, Barack Obama, the volcanic ash cloud, two major earthquakes, a tsunami and the death of Michael Jackson. Elsewhere, Manchester United (twice), …

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PEGI ratings now set for July

The much-delayed implementation of the PEGI age rating system should finally happen in July, says UKIE. It’s been over four years since The Byron Review, and almost three years since PEGI was chosen as the organisation that will rate video games going forward. It was even passed into law as …

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"Only 36% of parents check game age ratings"

A survey from Playr2.com has claimed that as many as 36 per cent of parents check the age restrictions of games their children are playing. Of that 36 per cent, 55 per cent claimed that in their opinion age restriction on games didn’t matter”. 51 per cent of the respondents …

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Nielsen’s most wanted games revealed

Media ratings company Nielsen has revealed results of a survey to discover what upcoming titles are on gamers’ most wanted list this year. All three console lists were covered head to toe in franchise sequels, prequels, reboots, spinoffs, etc.—with The Last Story on Wii being the lone exception. Halo 4 …

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New initiatives show UKIE strength at AGM

There’s still no news on the new exec director, but attendees to UKIE’s successful AGM last week would be be forgiven for thinking it didn’t need a leader. The central London meeting, attended by MCV, revealed a raft of new initiatives the trade body is implementing alongside its more traditional …

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PEGI widens remit with mobile ratings

Ratings body PEGI has introduced a new system for mobile games – and it wants the likes of Apple and Android to start using them. Last week PEGI unveiled PEGI Express with Microsoft. The classifications and ratings seen on all PC and console games will now be included in all …

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