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Red Bull announces Season 2 of Team Brawl: Hearthstone

Red Bull has revealed the first details for season two of its Team Brawl: Hearthstone competition.  This season will be made up of three events, all of which will take place at Red Bull’s eSports Studio in Santa Monica. The first event will be on April 15th, with the second …

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Red Bull Proving Grounds Street Fighter V tournament returns in 2017

Red Bull has announced the return of its Proving Grounds Street Fighter V competition that gives amateur players a shot at playing against the pros.  The tournament has been expanded this year, with more regional events than ever. These regional events will take place in place in Orlando, Atlanta, Philadelphia, …

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Watch Hearthstone pro Cong “StrifeCro” Shu go Global Rallycross racing

Here’s something fun to do while you wait for that clock to hit 5pm and the weekend to officially start. Red Bull has released the 2nd episode of its Away From Keyboard series with StrifeCro going racing.  StrifeCro is of course a Hearthstone player for Cloud9, but for this episode …

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