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Audio extra: Q&A with lead audio designer Dorian Pareis

Following on from our feature on getting work in audio, we've got a full interview with the lead audio designer at Ubisoft Reflections, Dorian Pareis. He tells us about his journey and what you need to get in to the audio side of the games industry

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Putting Reflections back into the spotlight

Once renowned as the creator of Driver, Reflections subsequently faded from prominence, handing the limelight to its sibling Ubisoft studios. With the success of Grow Home and The Division, the developer has returned to reclaim its fame

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Reflections: From bedrooms to blockbusters

Newcastle-based developer Reflections turns 30 this year, and its team has come a long way from the days of Destruction Derby and Driver. James Batchelor visited the studio to find out what it has learned along the way

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