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Streamer criticised for beating and refunding a Steam game live on air

Twitch streamer WeeGeeTheGod has been criticised for what some are calling an abuse of Steam’s refund policy. Polygon reports that WeeGeeTheGod, whose real name is Cade McKown, recently streamed a complete playthrough of recent Sega release Sonic Forces. McKown was clearly not enjoying the game, and upon completion then streamed …

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Rust has refunded over $4,000,000 in Steam sales

While the dust has largely settled regarding the disagreements over Steam’s refund policies, the extent of their impact has been illustrated by Garry Newman. The developer has revealed that his sometimes controversial survival sandbox Rust has revealed that the game has in total been refunded 329,970 times, which in total …

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Microsoft is trialling digital game refunds

Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers may soon get the option to refund digital purchases. The functionality was first spotted by Xbox One alpha testers and posted to Reddit. It looks like it could operate in much the same way as Steam, where gamers can get a no questions asked …

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