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Yakuza 2 gets European release

Third person mafia-based adventure outing Yakuza 2 is to be released on PS2 in Europe some time in 2008, Sega has confirmed. The game was released in Japan in December 2006, and received some rave reviews from the Japanese consumer press. It had been presumed that a Western release had …

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WiiWare hitting Japan on March 25th

Nintendo of Japan has revealed the launch line-up for the country’s introduction of WiiWare. Games spun from staple franchises Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Mario will be available from the launch day, which is March 25th, along with a number of shorter casual games. For the full story, head over to …

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WiiWare dated for May 12th

Nintendo’s WiiWare platform will launch in North America on May 12th. The new service has been designed with developers in mind, letting them upload and sell games via digital distribution to Wii owners. For the full strory, head over to the world’s number one games development site and the premier …

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