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Alan Wake is vanishing from digital stores

Remedy’s popular horror game Alan Wake is being yanked from Steam and Xbox Live tomorrow. A licensing issue with the game’s music is to blame. It’s possible that the issue will be resolved at a alter date, but in the interim the game won’t be available to download. The good …

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Recruiter Hot Seat: Remedy

Mikaela Oberg-Mattila talks about Remedy’s recruitment needs, what it’s like to work at the Finnish developer and why you should join the team – spoiler alert, the office has a sauna, that’s why.

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Remedy boss Tero Virtala on Quantum Break and the studio’s new strategy

Quantum Break was quite an achievement. Not commercially. Not really. Xbox calls it ‘the biggest-selling new Microsoft Studios IP for Xbox One’ – which means it outsold Sunset Overdrive and Ori and the Blind Forest… hardly your typical barometers for success. Nor was it a runaway smash with the critics. …

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Remedy: We will release more games quicker

The new CEO of Remedy says the developer will not take five years to make its next title. The firm released the hugely ambitious Quantum Break on Xbox One and PC earlier this year, a project that took almost five years to finish. It has now split its team in …

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