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PS4-Vita Remote Play enabled at a system level

Every single PS4 game will be playable via Remote Play on PlayStation Vita. That’s because, unlike on PS3 when the functionality needed to be specifically coded in, PlayStation 4 will allow Vita streaming on a system level, Engadget reports. Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida told the site: "On PlayStation …

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All PS4 games to support Vita remote play

Sony is making it mandatory for all PS4 games to support remote play on the PS Vita. The news was first reported by Digital Foundry, and has since been confirmed by Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter. What this essentially means is that all PlayStation 4 …

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All PS4 games to offer Vita remote play?

PS4 developers must integrate Vita remote play into all of their games, according to a report. A PS4 developer source with a proven track record for accuracy” has toldEurogamerthat only games that require the use of the PS4 Eye will be exempt from Vita compatibility. The report said remote play …

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Vita used to play pirated PS3 games

Several videos have emerged online that appear to depict hackers playing pirated PS3 games on PlayStation Vita. Eurogamer reports that the exploit requires a PS3 using the old 3.55 firmware version. Even though Vita Remote Play support was only introduced with the 4.00 firmware release, this restriction can be circumvented …

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Gran Turismo Anywhere due in February

Gran Turismo 5 owners will be able to use Remote Races as of next month. The feature, known to fans as Gran Tursimo Anywhere, was announced before the game’s release but was removed from the retail version. Remote Races allows GT5 players to control their B-Spec races on their PS3 …

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Sony details PS3s PlayTV

Though its launch date has not yet been pinned down, the BBC has gotten an early look at Sony’s PlayTV, an accessory that promises to turn the PS3 into a fully-fledged digital TV recorder. The device, which is due to hit the market this year, connects to the PS3’s USB …

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