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NIELSEN REPORT: European consumers understand PEGI ratings

Whilst the BBFC-PEGI debate continues to rumble in the wake of the notorious Byron Report, a new report entitled Video Gamers in Europe 2008 from ISFE-Nielsen suggests that European gamers back the current PEGI system. Across the 15 countries surveyed, 93 per cent of respondents to Nielsen’s survey recognised the …

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NIELSEN REPORT: European games market at all time high

As part of ISFE-Nielsen’s Video Gamers in Europe 2008 report, it has emerged that the European video games market is bigger now than it ever has been. In 2007, software sales across the 15 largest European markets reached €7.3 billion, a 25 per cent increase on the figures from 2006. …

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NIELSEN REPORT: European gaming habits exposed

A new report from ISFE-Nielsen claims that 37 per cent of UK residents aged between 16 and 49 describe themselves as active gamers. The news comes from the Video Gamers in Europe 2008 report from ISFE-Nielsen, which also throws up some interesting stats regarding the playing habits of gamers across …

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