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Report: Gamers suffered 11.7m malware attacks in 2013

A new report from Russian internet security company Kaspersky Lab claims that gamers faced 11.7m malware attacks worldwide in 2013. As of the publication of the report, the firm had identified 4.6m pieces of gaming focused malware.” "We’ve just seen two of the biggest console launches ever, with the PlayStation …

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Games without demos sell twice as many copies

New research suggests that releasing a demo before a game is released with actually damage potential sales, potentially halving the number of copies it will shift. This was revealed by game designer Jesse Schell during the recent Gamelab conference in Barcelona, according to CVG. Schell based his claims on new …

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President Obama orders research into links between video games and violence

Video games have again become central to America’s heated debate on gun ownership that erupted in the aftermath of December’s Newtown school shootings. President Obama yesterday revealed a 23-step plan designed to address America’s gun violence problem. And one of those steps is an order for the Center for Disease …

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