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EEDAR: Marketing more important than quality

A higher marketing spend can increase a game’s gross revenue three times more than positive review scores. That’s according to new research by EEDAR, presented at the Montreal International Games Summit by the firm’s Jesse Divnich. During the presentation, Divnich explained that poorer quality games will a bigger marketing will …

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Study claims gaming improves adult eyesight

In a rare bit of positive health press for the games industry, a new study in the US has claimed that playing games can help to improve an adult’s ‘contrast sensitivity’ – as aspect of vision that was previously believed to be unalterable. Contrast sensitivity concerns a person’s ability to …

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Gory games cut crime, says report

The success of games such as GTA IV has coincided with a drop in violent crime, says a report in International Journal of Liability and Scientific Enquiry. Patrick Kierkegaard of the University of Essex claims that violent games can actually reduce aggression, and that evidence linking games to violence is …

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Gaming linked to Autism

Dr John Charlton of Bolton University has discovered that game playing can dominate users’ lives, causing them to miss sleep and meals. Dr Charlton studied almost 400 regular players of online role-playing game Asheron’s Call. The studied showed that the closer the gamers came to being addicted, the more they …

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PopCap unveils ‘largest ever casual games research’

Casual games firm PopCap has completed what it says is the largest-ever worldwide survey of casual computer game players – with the results revealing, amongst other things, that 70 per cent of ‘family gamers’ say casual games provide educational benefits to their children. A number of benefits were cited by …

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