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Resident Evil 6 being demoed at TGS?

It looks the Tokyo Game Show had passed with no mention of the long-awaited Resident Evil 6. Or has it? Kotaku claims to have confirmation from a Japanese Capcom representative that a video for the game leaked online (but no seemingly wiped from existence) is legitimate, and is being shown …

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Roundtable: 15 years of Resident Evil

MCV speaks to the people behind the hit horror series Shinji Mikami and his team redefined the survival horror genre when they developed Biohazard – aka, Resident Evil – in 1996. Not that anyone expected it at the time. Resident Evil was loosely based on a niche Japanese-only 1989 Famicom …

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Resident Evil 6 news incoming

It’s one of the most bankable brands in video games, and Capcom has confessed that it wants to get Resident Evil 6 finished on retail shelves as soon as it possibly can. Furthermore, the publisher reckons that the first news on the new game is not far off. Given the …

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