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12 things you (probably) didn’t know about the Resident Evil series

Resident Evil is 20 years old. So MCV dug back into its 15 years of Resident Evil special from 2011 to reveal 12 interesting facts about the iconic horror series. 1. Before making Resident Evil, creator Shinji Mikami made Disney games. Including 1994’s Goof Troop, the official Aladdin game and …

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Resident Evil 7 will ‘blow our minds’

The producer of Revelations 2 has said he is confident that the team working on Resident Evil 7 will produce something good enough to dispel the nightmares of Resident Evil 6. "Unfortunately we work on Revelations and that’s kind of it. We don’t really have a window into whatever else …

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Capcom: Resident Evil 6 felt bloated, Resident Evil 7 will return to survival horror roots

The next game in the Resident Evil series will return to the game’s survival horror roots, Capcom says. The firm told MCV it has listened to the negative feedback to last year’s Resident Evil 6, which scored a Metacritic of just 67. Capcom had hoped to appeal to a wide …

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