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Titanfall: Frontline mobile game cancelled

Respawn has announced the cancellation of mobile title Titanfall: Frontline, just four months after it was announced. The spin-off strategy card game was currently in closed beta on iOS and Android, but now the studio says it will shut down the servers at the end of January. The developer explained …

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Titanfall 2’s digital sales haven’t picked up physical slack

EA and Respawn’s Titanfall 2 has not fared any better digitally than it has on the High Street. Superdata Research reports that worldwide digital sales of Titanfall 2 throughout October managed just a quarter of those achieved by its predecessor. That’s especially poor considering that digital sales were less established …

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Respawn’s Zampella casts doubt on Titanfall’s future

The future of the Titanfall series is looking less certain than previously thought. Titanfall 2 launched last month to rave reviews, but sales have so far fallen far short of expectations – a fact blamed on EA’s decision to release the game sandwiched between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: …

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Respawn on Titanfall’s PS4 debut, its new story mode and facing Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty

When Titanfall launched in 2014, it was a new IP brimming with potential. Made by Respawn, a new developer formed from alumni of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward, it looked like an interesting evolution of the first person shooter genre. Titanfall took the first-person shooter mechanics Respawn …

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Respawn: ‘We are treating Titanfall 2 like a new IP’

It may have the number ‘2′ after its name, but Respawn is treating its Titanfall sequel like a new IP. Speaking to MCV @ Gamescom, the studio’s COO Dusty Welch and art director Joel Emslie said that, as a result of the original Titanfall not launching on PS4, the franchise’s …

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