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Retail anxious about PSPgo

The UK High Street has expressed reservations over Sony’s PSPgo, but the platform holder has moved to reassure retailers that they still matter to its handheld business. Play, HMV, ShopTo, CHIPS and Asda have all admitted to MCV that the machine’s digital-only model is a concern for them, and that …

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UK retail suffering shoplifting surge

Aside from the headlines troubles caused by the wallet-tightening credit crunch, a darker side of the economic crisis is currently blighting UK retail with news that both theft and fraud are significantly on the up. A new report commissioned by Simplybusiness.co.uk claims that 47 per cent of the UK’s independent …

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RTT: Indie retailers can survive recession

Market analysts have today insisted that the global recession will not lead to the end of the current High Street model as we know it, and that the future of UK shopping has a place for both nationals and independents. In its latest white paper, the KPMG/Synovate Retail Think Tank …

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Majority of UK retailers bullied at work

Over 80 per cent of UK employees – particularly those involved in retail – have been victims of bullying at work, according to a new survey by The Samaritans. The report, entitled Stressed Out, also found over half of retail employees say their jobs are getting more stressful and that …

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