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Sega pulls Samba De Amigo ad

Japanese games publisher Sega has pulled an online ad for its Wii rhythm-action title Samba De Amigo following a successful campaign from animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). PETA’s blog reads: We’re officially bananas about Sega. In fact, we’re sending them a thank-you card and …

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EA to address Spore DRM concerns

Spore publisher EA has responded to a number of the complaints being levelled at the publisher regarding its seemingly strict DRM measures included in Will Wright’s latest PC outing – and it has stated that it intends to make changes to its current three install limit on the game. Speaking …

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Spore faces piracy backlash

A report showing that EA’s PC hit Spore is suffering from unusually high numbers of illegal downloads has been blamed on the fact that EA has implemented stern digital rights management restrictions on its game. Spore’s DRM prevents the game being installed more than three times – a problem for …

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Ludlam reacquires Bourne game rights

Following the news that Activision Blizzard is to reassess its IP catalogue and existing studio structure, it has been confirmed that Ludlam Entertainment has reacquired the gaming rights to its Bourne brand, GameDaily reports. The move follows Activision Blizzard’s release of its first Ludlam-branded title, The Bourne Conspiracy, in June …

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