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GameInformer spills Batman: Arkham Knight beans; Trailer released

Following GAME’s leak this afternoon, US mag GameInformer has revealed that Batman: Arkham Knight is its next cover star. Developed by Asylum and City creators Rocksteady, Knight is the final Arkham game and is set after the events of 2011’s City. Last year’s Warner Montreal-developer Arkham Origins was a prequel, …

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Warner Bros Montreal admits it worried it had ‘bitten off more that it could chew’ with Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins was released today, and one of its key developers has admitted that it was at one stage concerned with the project. Although the wider public remains completely oblivious, there has been plenty of noise on forums about the fact that it’s the first Arkham game not be …

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Batman: Arkham City launch suffers DLC code issues

While UK gamers wait for the Dark Knight’s critically acclaimed adventure, Australian and US consumers are having problems with the title’s downloadable extras. Through a combination of retailer deals and the Batman: Arkham City Online Pass, fans can gain access to extra levels and characters such as Robin and Catwoman …

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