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Rust has refunded over $4,000,000 in Steam sales

While the dust has largely settled regarding the disagreements over Steam’s refund policies, the extent of their impact has been illustrated by Garry Newman. The developer has revealed that his sometimes controversial survival sandbox Rust has revealed that the game has in total been refunded 329,970 times, which in total …

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Rust now assigns character gender based on Steam user ID

As previously touted by its creator Garry Newman, PC Early Access hit Rust has started automatically choosing a player’s character gender according to an algorithm based on their Steam ID. We understand this is a sore subject for a lot of people. We understand that you may now be a …

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Rust will start randomly assigning you gender

Having already toyed with race and penis size, Rust is about to brave yet another frontier – automatically assigning a player’s gender. Until now the game has only offered male player models, but creator Garry Newman has said an upcoming patch the game will add a female design. The female …

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Rust introduces new player races, but players unhappy over lack of choice

Until recently every character in Early Access hit Rust was white. Now, they come in an assortment of colours, but the mixed race implementation has upset parts of the game’s user base. Kotaku reports that a recent update to the title means that a user’s character is randomised at the …

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Garry’s Mod surpasses 6m units sold

Facepunch Studios’ open-ended sandbox physics game Garry’s Mod has sold more than 6m copies on Steam to date. What’s more impressive, the 2004 release garnered 3m – or 50 per cent – of that figure in the past year alone. Creator Garry Newman posted the news on his Twitter account; …

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