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Buahin back at Sony

Popular Rosemary Buahin has returned to Sony Computer Entertainment UK as head of trade marketing. She rejoins after a three-year term at Warner Bros. Interactive. Previously, she was trade marketing manager at Sony for four and a half years. She now reports directly to Alan Duncan, SCE UK marketing director.Duncan …

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Sony fully adopts Online Pass system

Publisher Sony has confirmed that all future SCE Worldwide Studios game will require the buyer to use the in-the-box Online Pass code to access online functionality. Destructoid obtained the confirmation following news that next month’s PS3 release Uncharted 3 will adopt the Online Pass system. As usual, those who buy …

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INTERVIEW: Andrew House

Meet the most powerful Brit in the global games industry.Andrew House is the new president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment. He has been interviewed by MCV seven times and has been the face of PlayStation Europe for over two years. But who is he really? And what will he …

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