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London Games Conference: The Guide

TO VIEW MCV’s LGC GUIDE ONLINE, CLICK HERE. Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, retailers, leading developers and pioneers of digital distribution unite at the inaugral London Games Conference. Below are links to features that outline every aspect of the event, including a detailed guide, a profile of the speakers, the latest market …

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Dark Void joins the 2010 club

For year’s retailers have been begging publishers to stop flooding the market at Q4 and instead spread their releases across the whole year – but at this rate, retail is going to be scratching its head wondering where the big Christmas releases are coming from.

 Capcom has become the latest …

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Nintendo names WiiWare and DSiWare Q2 releases

Wii and DS platform holder Nintendo has released a list of upcoming titles for its existing downloads portal WiiWare and its brand new service for the recently launched DSi handheld, DSiWare. There’s plenty on offer, including a couple of established Nintendo brands such as Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training. Click here …

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E3 08: Schedule of events

It’s that time of the year again when the big three platform holders gather and announce the big titles and important developments for their platforms due in the coming 12 months. Microsoft has already announced a price cut for the Xbox 360, but rumours suggest that a motion-sensing device, ala …

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