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iPad suffers data breach

A hacker group called Goatse Security has succeeded in acquiring the email addresses of a large number of AT&T subscribers thanks to a security hole in the iPad. According to Gawker, the hackers managed to persuade AT&T to provide the details using a customer ICC-ID, which links a certain device …

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66% of UK shoppers wont head online

A new survey from chart body GfK has claimed that 66 per cent of UK shoppers remain unwilling to shop online due to fears relating to cyber crime and security theft. According to survey respondents, the most common source of information about the safety of online shopping is stories in …

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Xbox Live security breach confirmed

Following numerous forum reports that Xbox live users have been targeted by phishing scams – fraudulent activity intended to illegally gain usernames, passwords and credit card details – Microsoft has confirmed the threat and stated that it has taken action to help protect our subscribers’ accounts.” The scams take the …

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