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Moriarty quits Kinda Funny after Twitter joke controversy

The co-founder of YouTube channel Kinda Funny has quit the group after being drawn into a row about a sexist tweet. Colin Moriarty left IGN to form Kinda Funny in 2014. However, after tweeting about enjoying the peace and quiet on International Women’s Day, he has faced severe criticism both …

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Harada says Tekken sexism criticism is ‘very ill-informed’

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada has said that criticism of the depiction of female characters in his games is unfair and does not take cultural variances into account. Harada has previously reacted angrily to unease at the sexually provocative way Tekken’s females are presented. Now the developer has told Eurogamer that …

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‘It appears that GTA might make the world a worse place for females’

The links between games violence and real-world violence are dubious, but a new study has suggested a worrying new corroboration between some games and social attitudes. An Ohio State University study has found that young male gamers who identify with characters in violent games that objectify women show less empathy …

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