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Dyack resurrects Shadow of the Eternals (and criticises the press) once again

A game long ago dubbed as the spiritual successor to GameCube outing Eternal Darkness is amazingly on the verge of yet another comeback. Games journo favourite Denis Dyack has resurfaced once more. No, not as part of Silicon Knights. That closed in 2013. And no, not as part of Precursor …

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Dyack forms new company, has third stab at Shadow of the Eternals

If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again. Nearly a year and half after the official collapse of his studio Silicon Knights, IGN reports that Denis Dyack has formed a new company – Quantum Entanglement Entertainment. And its first project will be Shadow of the Eternals, the …

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Shadow of the Eternals is finally put to rest

The long and rocky road trodden by Shadow of the Eternals seems to have finally come to an end. After two failed attempts to crowdfund the game, Precursor Games’ Denis Dyack has stated in the game’s forums that the project has been taken offline. It is with a heavy heart …

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Precursor promises to persevere with Shadow of the Eternals

Two failed crowdfunding attempts haven’t stopped studio Precursor Games from pursuing its efforts to make and release ‘spiritual’ Eternal Darkness successor Shadow of the Eternals. The game recently saw its second Kickstarter attempt fall short of its $750k target by over $425k. But as predicted by MCV just last week, …

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Second Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter seems doomed

Precursor Games’ second attempt at funding Shadow of the Eternals appears to be on the brink of failure. At the time of writing its Kickstarter campaign stands at $305,306 with just 38 hours remaining – that’s nearly $450,000 short of its $750,000 funding goal. Its first Kickstarter attempt, which itself …

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Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter relaunched, now for PS4

Precursor Games is once again attempting to crowd-fund Shadow of the Eternals, the spiritual successor to GameCube horror title Eternal Darkness. The developer previously said it planned to launch another Kickstarter campaign after pulling the plug on the first one, which only raised $128,000 of its $1.35m target. The new …

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