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Silent Hill music concert set to scare the UK next month

The composer for horror series Silent Hill is set to bring his scary score to venues across the UK. Akira Yamaoka created the scores for Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4, among other games in the series, plus the two movie spin-offs of the …

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His Story: Sam Barlow on creating one of this year’s most talked-about indie hits, Her Story

You fire up the dusty old computer. A search engine fizzes through the scan lines. In the text box, a single word: MURDER. Below, five videos, each with the same woman. You play one. The women begins to tell her story. This is how the latest game from former Silent …

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Konami: We are not at all focusing purely on mobile games

Konami will be doing more in the mobile games market, but it is not abandoning its console business. This comes from a fully translated version of the Nikkei interview with Konami president Hideki Hayakawa. A summary of the interview had already been translated earlier this month, and it seemed to …

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Pushing it to the Climax: interview with Climax Studios CEO Simon Gardner

Climax may not be a company you’d associate with being an ‘indie’ developer. Over its 25-year-plus history, the company has actually worked with some of the industry’s most iconic video game IP. Starting out with console ports of Diablo and Warcraft, before moving onto its original Silent Hill games (Origins …

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Monster fest as The Walking Dead: Season Two and Silent Hills are dated for Vita

What do vegan zombies eat? Graaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnns. That news aside, Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season Two has at last got a release date on PlayStation Vita. The game will be available to download from PSN on Wednesday April 23rd. Each of the two available episodes will cost 3.99 each, or …

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Release set for Vita outing Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Konami has confirmed a UK release date for Vita-only release Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The game will be arriving at European retail on November 2nd. Book of Memories differs from other entries in the series by offering multiplayer-focused gameplay presented via a top-down perspective. As well as the usual …

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