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Dyack forms new company, has third stab at Shadow of the Eternals

If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again. Nearly a year and half after the official collapse of his studio Silicon Knights, IGN reports that Denis Dyack has formed a new company – Quantum Entanglement Entertainment. And its first project will be Shadow of the Eternals, the …

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Silicon Knights’ appeal dismissed in Epic case

The United States Court of Appeal has ruled against Silicon Knights’ appeal of a lower court decision which awarded a total of $9.2m in damages and legal fees to Epic Games. TheJanuary 6th decisionis almost certainly the final battle in the fight between the Unreal Engine maker and the studio …

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Precursor Games founding member arrested on child pornography charges

Precursor Games founding member and former Silicon Knights director Ken McCulloch has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of involvement with child pornography. Polygon reports McCulloch was arrested by the Niagara Regional Police earlier this week, after detectives executed a search warrant at his home in St. Catharines, Ontario. …

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VIDEO: Dyack launches scathing counter-attack on the press

Denis Dyack is fighting back. The controversial developer and former head of Silicon Knights has launched a counter-attack against the allegations made against it in the press. It all stems back to an article printed on Kotaku in October of last year. In it both Silicon knights and Dyack himself …

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Precursor insists it’s not at all related to Silicon Knights

The developer of Eternal Darkness successor Shadow of the Eternals has attempted to dismiss much of the criticism it has received. One accusation is that Precursor Games is simply a new vehicle for the doomed studio Silicon Knights and has been created specifically to allow operations to continue whilst escaping …

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Silicon Knights sell offices as Dyack confirms departure

Denis Dyack’s Silicon Knights may effectively be no more, according to new reports. Polygon believes that the studio is down to just a few employees, has closed its office and has sold off office equipment and game assets”. The studio is continuing to fight a legal battle with Epic Games. …

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