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Forget the new Nokia – Amazon is about to launch a smartphone

Nokia and Microsoft may have grabbed the headlines yesterday with the new Lumia 920, but their time in the spotlight may be short-lived. The Verge claims to have words from multiple sources that Amazon will later today announce the first Amazon smartphone. It’s said to run off an adapted version …

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Smartphone gaming is "the biggest content revolution we’ve ever seen"

The handheld video games market is being killed off by the smartphone sector, metrics firm Flurry Analytics believes. It claims that in 2009 the iOS and Android games software market accounted for 19 per cent of the total $2.7bn handheld and mobile games market in the US. In 2001 it …

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Iwata: Smartphones and tablets have changed the industry

Not content with admitting for the first time that 3D ain’t all dat”, Nintendo boss Saturo Iwata has also confessed that smartphones and tablets HAVE changed the games industry. Although not as much as many observers believe, of course. I don’t think this is a central factor,” he told The …

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