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EEDAR: Cloud gaming could kill Farmville

Analysts EEDAR warn that the days of social gaming may be over, with Cloud Gaming set to take its place. EEDAR CEO Greg Short told the attendees at GDC Europe today, that "he doesn’t know why people are spending half a billion" on social gaming companies. "Cloud gaming could completely …

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Google pays $182m for Slide

Google is buying social games developer Slide in a $182m deal to be announced on Friday, according to a source at news site TechCrunch. The move comes as part of the search engine site’s ongoing attempts to set up a social games strategy capable of rivaling Facebook. Google has previously …

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Why Facebook games demand respect

If you’re one of those people in the UK games trade that thinks there is nothing to learn from Facebook games, then think again. The social networking site hosted one of the GDC opening keynotes today, showing how social features and identity sharing is changing the way games are designed …

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