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European Spore release date announced

One of the most highly anticipated PC games of all time, Will Wright’s Spore, will be released in Europe on September 5th – and the shock news is that the DS incarnation will arrive alongside the PC and Mac releases. Also surprising is the fact that European gamers will be …

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Spore coming to Mac

With the hype for Apple’s Mac brand currently sky-high following yesterday’s Macworld Expo and the unveiling of the undoubtedly gorgeous Macbook Air , EA has announced that its highly anticipated Spore will release on Apple’s format alongside PC later this year. Spore, which is currently being developed by Sims mastermind …

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Spore confirmed for Wii

Speaking to The Guardian , The Sims creator Will Wright has confirmed that his hugely anticipated ‘life, the universe and everything’ sim Spore is in development for the Nintendo Wii. Wright has recently stated that in his opinion the Wii is the only genuine next-gen games system, criticising the rival …

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