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Star Citizen developer denies all charges in multi-pronged Crytek legal assault

Crytek last night launched a legal attack against Star Citizen developer CIG, and its parent company RSI, which is helmed by Chris Roberts. Saying the company ‘utterly failed to follow through on those promises.’ in reference to multiple alleged complaints. The dcoument is lengthy and detailed, including alleged breach of …

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Star Citizen is selling land for up to $100

Three years after it was first supposed to be released, in-development space epic Star Citizen is now trying to sell digital land to hopeful space explorers. $50 will net players a 4km x 4km plot while $100 will grab an 8km x 8km space. Each will come with a ‘Geotack …

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Star Citizen dev promises to share current production schedules

With a release date seemingly no closer to arriving, RSI has said that it will now publicise updated internal production schedules on a regular basis. We have taken a lot of flak over the last couple of years for the extending timeline of Star Citizen, but the simple fact is …

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Star Citizen’s single player campaign will miss 2016 launch date

Squadron 42, the single player branch of Star Citizen, has been delayed into 2017. At Citizencon the team at Cloud Imperium Games announced the delay, saying that the campaign would not meet its 2016 release date. While a lot of the technology behind the game is done there are still …

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Star Citizen backer contacts California Attorney General for $2,500 refund

One gamer who backed the crowdfunding campaign for ambitious sci-fi title Star Citizen has gone to extraordinary lengths to secure a refund. As reported by PCGamesN, the backer – known only as Streetroller – is said to have received a refund of $3,000 though evidence of just $2,560 exists. Streetroller …

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