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Star Citizen refund argument ignites

Over a quarter of Star Citizen backers say that a publically available refund option should be available to anyone who has contributed to crowdfunding the space sim. The debate has been sparked following RSI’s decision to ‘cancel’ the $250 pledge of 3000AD founder Derek Smart, PC Gamer reports. RSI also …

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Star Citizen executive producer departs Cloud Imperium

Star Citizen executive producer Alex Mayberry has quit his position at Cloud Imperium Games, with multiple reports stating the departure is for personal reasons. Games Beatreports Cloud Imperium founder Chris Roberts’ brother Erin Roberts will be tasked with Mayberry’s workload – including the general handling of Star Citizen’s production. Mayberryjoined …

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Star Citizen delays FPS module but offers the chance to buy a new $400 ship

It has $84m+ in the bank, but there’s still no indication of when Star Citizen will actually be released – and now one component of the title has been delayed indefinitely. In the latest complication to trouble the space sim, RSI boss Chris Roberts has admitted that the game’s first …

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Star Citizen’s crowdfunding effort surpasses $80m mark

The unstoppable crowdfunding force that is Star Citizen has surpassed $80m in funding. Roberts Space Industries funding page shows the in development PC and Linux game is approaching $80.5m at time of publication – the latest milestone was reached thanks to a recent sale on ships and other in-game items. …

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Cloud Imperium adds another $300 ship to Star Citizen

If you’re concerned that developer Cloud Imperium’s bank account is running a little low, another high-cost vehicle has been added to the game’s store. The Vanguard can now be purchased for $300. The heavy fighter comes with lifetime insurance and some hangar decorations… but is not actually playable as of …

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Star Citizen client likely to reach 100 GB

Cloud Imperium Games expects Star Citizen’s game client will likely weigh in at 100 GB, adding that individual patches will likely range between 2-20 GB. According to the developer, the large downloads are due to the size and number of assets being implemented into the space trading and combat sim. …

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