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$1,000 Steam Box due this Christmas, pre-orders begin

The Xi3 Piston, the Valve-backed PC-like console, will be available by the end of the year. And costs a whopping $1,000. Xi3 Corporation is now accepting pre-orders for the device, listing the price as $999.99, according to Engadget. Consumers who pre-order by Sunday, March 17th will receive a $100 discount. …

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Microsoft’s Mattrick doesn’t view Steam Box as threat to Xbox

Xbox executive Don Mattrick doesn’t believe Valve’s upcoming Steam Box hardware as competition in the console market. Speaking with The Verge, Mattrick stated that while he both respected and loved Valve founder Gabe Newell, he doesn’t see the company as a competitor to Microsoft in terms of living room gaming. …

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Valve to ship Steam Box prototypes in 3-4 months

Gabe Newell has revealed customers can expect to get their hands on an early version of Valve’s Steam Box hardware in the next three to four months. Speaking with BBC, the company’s founder explained what point in the process the hardware is at, as well as touching on some of …

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