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Valve pulling Linux games from Steam that fail to meet SteamOS standards – report

Valve has removed its SteamOS icon from a batch of Linux-compatible games on Steam, which has reportedly resulted in Linux players no longer having the option to download said titles. A Gaming on Linux piece states Valve is removing the linux-based SteamOS icon from Linux releases that don’t work perfectly …

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Dedicated Steam section coming to GAME stores

Valve has announced that areas dedicated to Steam will be present in GAME stores in the UK this Christmas. The games firm says these will feature Steam hardware, such as the upcoming Stream Machines, Steam Link and Steam Controller, as well as digital cards. This hardware will be exclusive to …

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Steam Machine prices detailed – from £300 to £3,300

Valve’s efforts to take PC gaming into the living room will cost as little as $460 (302). The Steam Machines have been detailed on the Steam website, and shows 15 different manufactuers, some of which are developing multiple products. The PC/console hybrids start from as low as $460, but for …

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