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Offworld Trading boss wants an end to Early Access refunds and reviews

Steam’s Early Access system should run on a different set of rules to the rest of the store. That’s according to the creator of Offworld Trading Company Soren Johnson, who has argued that players should not be able to claim refunds on Early Access titles, or leave reviews. We want …

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Steam to distribute free version of Star Wars: Battlefront 3

An unofficial sequel to Pandemic and LucasArts’ Star Wars Battlefront 2 is apparently coming to PC. Despite seeming like a prime candidate for a swift copyright-infringement cancellation, Galaxy in Turmoil maker Frontwire reckon it is on safe legal ground. So much so, that Steam itself is stepping forward to distributethe …

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Modding can ‘reenergise’ retro gaming, says Sega Europe

Allowing players to modify classic games can help rejuvenate piracy-hit retro gaming. That’s according to Sega’s James Schall, talking after the launch of the Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub. The Hub opened on April 28th on Steam, and over 350,000 Mega Drive titles were sold in just three weeks. But …

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GOG Connect syncs with your Steam library

PC users are now able to link their Steam and GOG accounts and potentially grab some DRM-free games. GOG has announced GOG Connect. Available via its website, it allows users who are logged in to then sign in again via their Steam account. GOG will their scan their library for …

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Valve sued over alleged transgender discrimination

Dota 2, Half-Life and Portal creator Valve has been struck with a $3.1 million lawsuit from a former staff member who claims she was discriminated against for being transgender. The anonymous litigant was reportedly called ‘it’ by her supervisor following sex reassignment surgery in 2012, resulting in a ‘hostile work …

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350,000 Mega Drive titles sold on Steam since mod hub launch

Nearly 20 years on from its discontinuation, the Mega Drive is making money again. Sega last month released a new retro hub for its Mega Drive library on Steam for PC. Among the new features was mod support, opening up the library to the enthusiastic PC modding community. And it …

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