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Jobs lays into BlackBerry and Android

With 14.1 million iPhones sold in its Q4, and quarterly revenues over the $20 billion mark, it’s no wonder Apple CEO Steve Jobs was uber-bullish during the company’s earnings call last night. Jobs – who doesn’t usually take part in these analyst calls – spent some time discussing the rival …

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iPod outsells DS and PSP combined

Steve Jobs has used tonight’s iPod-centric press gathering to signal a new era in portable gaming – and it’s one that the outspoken Apple CEO claims complete ownership of. In a sharp change of tact from his previously reserved approach to the handheld gaming sector, a bolshy Steve Jobs claimed …

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Jobs doesnt understand game development

David Helgason, Unity Technologies CEO, has said that he believes Apple CEO Steve Jobs doesn’t understand the economics of games development.” I think he also said that consumers will decide what they think of them, and they have decided that some of the middleware games – including some of the …

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