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DSi digital content shop announced

After the huge successes the firm has enjoyed with both its retro Virtual Console service and original software shop WiiWare, Nintendo has now confirmed that a similar store for DS owners is being lined up. Users will use the same points scheme currently employed on Wii to pay for downloads, …

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Direct PSP Store announced

It seems a little strange that it’s taken so long to finally rear its head, but Sony has at last announced that a dedicated PSP Store is on the way, PSP Fanboy reports. Currently, PSP owners need either a PS3 or PC to access the PSP Store. Content can be …

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Games lead charge in iPhone App Store

Coinciding with the launch of the new 3G iPhone, Apple will at 5pm today open the doors to its brand new on-demand iPhone Apps Store – with gaming leading the charge and offering great opportunities for developers. Apple claims that of the 500 applications expected to be available at launch, …

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