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Ballmer calls for "nimble" and "decisive" Microsoft… in 2,700 word internal memo

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has set out his vision for a new Microsoft in an internal memo circulated amongst company staff. This company has always had a big vision — to help people realize their full potential,” he wrote. In the earliest days, it was by putting a PC on …

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OPINION: Where now for Nintendo?

As if the varied reporting on Nintendo’s financials this morning is not confusing enough, the disparity of the analysis could well baffle many readers. The fact is that Nintendo is a brand that matters personally to a lot of people. David Braben once suggested to me that this is because …

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EA: DRM is a dead-end strategy, was never discussed in SimCity meetings

The always-on internet requirement of Maxis’ SimCity was never designed as a DRM measure, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau has claimed. "DRM is a failed dead-end strategy; it’s not a viable strategy for the gaming business,” the exec told GamesIndustry. So what we tried to do creatively is build an …

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Analyst believes Darksiders II is struggling to break even

Darksiders II has fallen short of THQ’s sales estimates, analyst Michael Pachter has stated. The game sold around 250,000 units in its debut month in the US but has since struggled. Pachter believes that while total sales are probably in excess of 1m units, the game has fallen short of …

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Ambitious F2P Hawken’s launch strategy dissected at London Games Conference

One of the most hotly-tipped free-to-play games will be showcased at London Games Conference. A session on Hawken joins already-announced talks from Twitter, Google, EA Origin, Yogscast, Sega, Disney, IGN, ISFE and Gamesbrief. You can book your place now viawww.londongamesconference.com The high-end free-to-play shooter Hawken launches in December and will …

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Brand Map: Command & Conquer played 10.4 hours per week on average

Gamers play Command & Conquer titles for 10.4 hours per week on average – almost an hour more than the typical game. This week, GameVision Brand Map turns to the real-time strategy genre to take a look at one of its earliest franchises: Command & Conquer. We asked 6,724 gamers …

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