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Survival of the fittest

Ark: Survival Evolved isn’t even finished yet, but by any measure it appears the game has already been a success for developer Studio Wildcard. It hit Steam Early Access in June of this year, and within a week of launch, it made $10m in revenue. In just over a month, …

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‘Physical release could triple Ark: Survival Evolved sales’

Launching Early Access hit Ark: Survival Evolved in a box would exponentially increase its sales, says developer Studio Wildcard. The firm says that it is eyeing up a physical release for its dinosaur survival game when it is fully completed. GameStop in America currently sells POSA Steam cards for the …

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Ark: Survival Evolved dev: ‘Putting feathers on dinosaurs is stressful’

Scientists propose that dinosaurs likely had feathers – but Studio Wildcard says it will continue to focus on scaly lizards because feathers are ‘really hard to do’. In its dinosaur adventure game, Ark: Survival Evolved, players hunt and tame dinosaurs. But despite recent scientific discoveries, and countless messages from hardcore …

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