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EA discusses how to move beyond FIFA and Madden’s annual release model

In the world of games-as-a-service, sports titles seem like the ideal candidates for experimenting with new models that don’t rely on the traditional release structure. We already have a few examples of games that build from a base release, such as Hearthstone and League of Legends. We’re unlikely to ever …

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Twitch announces premium subscriptions

Twitch’s existing $4.99 subscription is to be supplemented by two higher subscription tiers. The streaming service will offer $9.99 and $24.99 subscriptions, which are being pitched as a way to support streamers you love". In return subscribers will get stuff like exclusive emotes. As we build this program, our goal …

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PlayStation Plus prices increased in North America

Sony has announced an increase to the subscription prices for PlayStation Plus in both North America and Canada. As of September 22nd an annual subscription to the service will increase from $50 to $60 in the US. A three month membership plans will jump from $18 to $22. Monthly membership …

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Spotify says iOS subscriptions does not address ‘Apple tax’ problem

Apple’s announcement that it is to allow app subscriptions on the iOS App Store is nothing more than a ‘gesture’. The streaming music service remains critical of both the size of the slice Apple claims from App Store payments, and the inflexibility of Apple’s pricing model. "It’s a nice gesture, …

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Apple opens the door to iOS game subscriptions

Developers will soon be able to charge a recurring fee for the games following Apple’s announcement of a new subscription system for the iOS App Store. Engadget reports that subscribed apps will retain the traditional 70/30 revenue split, although if a developer can keep a user subscribed for a year, …

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