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Glu sued, accused of stealing Kim Kardashian game idea

Just Games Interactive Entertainment has accused mobile games publisher Glu Mobile of stealing its idea for a Kim Kardashian game. The Associated Press reports that Just Games claims to have prepared a detailed pitch” for a Kardashian title for a representative of Kim Kardashian’s mother and manager, Kris Jenner. Just …

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Killzone: Shadow Fall’s graphics land Sony in court

A Californian man is suing Sony over allegations that the company mislead the public over Killzone: Shadow Fall’s graphics. Polygon reports that Douglas Ladore is annoyed and/or senses a possible money-making opportunity over the fact that while advertised as running in 1080p, when in multiplayer the game actually outputs at …

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Ohio company sues eBay user over negative feedback

An American company called Med Express is suing one of its customers after she left it negative feedback on eBay. Ars Technica reports that shopper Amy Nicholls paid the Ohio firm $175 for a microscope light and was annoyed when she was charged an additional $1.44 in postage over the …

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UPDATE: Gaikai sued over alleged patent infringement

T5 Labs is attempting to sue cloud gaming firm Gaikai in the Delware courts. It alleges that the Sony-owned company has committed and continues to commit acts of infringement” in the region. It is demanding a jury trial. The complaint revolves around US Patent 8,203,568 called Sharing a Graphical Processing …

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Comet accused of selling counterfeit Windows copies

Big box retailer Comet is being taken to court by Microsoft following accusations that it has been selling illegal copies of Windows XP and Windows Vista. Microsoft alleges that Comet produced over 94,000 illegal copies of Windows recovery discs. As detailed in the complaint filed today, Comet produced and sold …

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US employees sue GameStop

Legal action has been launched against retailer GameStop in the US concerning its use of mandatory security checks on employees. The company routinely checks employees before any breaks or after their shifts. However, many are apparently unhappy that these checks take place outside of their contracted hours and the failure …

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