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Nintendo predicts record Mario launch

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is expected to trump the success of all previous Mario titles. The game was first announced at E3 last year but it is only in recent months that demand has begun to rise as details on Galaxy 2 emerge – and Nintendo believes this momentum will …

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RETAIL BIZ: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Click here to access the RETAIL BIZ Previews section, where you’ll find the definitive guide to some of the most promising titles due to arrive on shelves in the next few months. This week, we venture into space with Nintendo’s Super Mario Galaxy 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the …

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Halo: Reach tops US purchase intent list

Halo: Reach is the most anticipated upcoming game in the US, racking up the highest purchase intent rating among consumers. The Bungie title topped the GamePlan Insights charts for upcoming games, with fellow Microsoft releases Gears of War 3 and Fable III in third and fourth respectively, according to Gamasutra. …

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