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Analysis: Pokémon appears on iPad. It’s super effective

The Pokmon Company is bringing its PC trading card game to iPad. SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen explains why it’s a positive move Following the confirmation that Pokmon: The Trading Card Game (TCG) would be released on the iPad, Nintendo’s share price rose four per cent. After a period of …

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Brazil games market slows, other Latin countries on the rise – Superdata

New research from Superdata shows that Brazil’s digital games market has cooled off, while other areas in Central and South America have picked up significantly. The organization’s report states that while Brazil is still considered the crown jewel” of the Latin America games market, countries like Mexico and Argentina are …

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Four reasons the UK might just lead digital game development in Europe

Joost Van Dreunen is the CEO of SuperData Research. Using the firm’s latest data, he predicts why the UK games development scene may soon become the No.1 power for digital games in Europe. It’s totally confusing. Over the course of just two weeks, first Activision announces that it is closing …

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