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LA Noire developer disputes crunch claims

Team Bondi’s management is actively working to learn from mistakes”, one dev at the company has said, weeks after it was revealed a controversial crunch culture had swept through the studio. David Heironymus, a programmer at the Australian indie studio, claimed however that allegations against Team Bondi have been exaggerated …

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Rockstar’s ‘disdain’ for Team Bondi

The ongoing disgruntlement surrounding the fraught relationship between LA Noire developer Team Bondi and publisher Rockstar has taken another turn. An un-named former Team Bondi staffer has spoken of Rockstar’s "disdain" for the studio and suggested that the relationship that finally dragged LA Noire to market will not be resurrected. …

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Devs reveal LA Noire grind

The boss of Australian group Team Bondi screamed at staff in the middle of the office” during the brutal” development of LA Noire, according to an explosive depiction of life at the studio. Brendan McNamara is accused by one of eleven anonymous insiders as the angriest person I’ve ever met”. …

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