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TESTRONIC TALK: We’ve got how long for LQA?

“My FQA testers can finish this game in 18 hours, so three days should be enough for a thorough localisation QA pass, right?” Testronic’s Head of LQA Edd Buffery discusses the challenges facing localisation specialists…

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TESTRONIC TALK: What a year!

It’s 12 months since Testronic’s COO Keith Ramsdale joined the business. Here he looks back on some significant changes made to the leading QA & Localization specialist…

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Playing it safe: The challenges of testing ‘presence’ in VR

A key challenge posed by VR for game developers – and for testing labs – is ensuring that ‘presence’ is delivered for the end user. And of course, ensuring health and safety issues are addressed. Julian Mower, head of Testronic’s new VR Testing Lab offers his thoughts

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