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The War Z gets a new name – Infestation: Survivor Stories

Controversial PC title The War Z is undergoing a rebranding. OP Productions has announced that the game will from now on be known as Infestation: Survivor Stories. The company alludes to possible trademark issues regarding a rival property – be that Dean Hall’s Day Z or possibly the upcoming Brad …

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The War Z taken down after database hack

Things don’t get any better for The War Z. Having already been forced off Steam following controversy about missing content and inaccurate game descriptions, the poorly received zombie shooter has now suffered at the hands of hackers. Creators OP Productions have taken the game and its forum completely offline while …

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The War Z servers suffer DDoS attack

The controversy over Hammerpoint’s now pulled shooter The War Z has led to hackers attacking the game’s servers. Developer Sergey Titov apologised for the saga earlier this week, but the furore has seemingly left a sour taste in the mouths of the gaming community. Guys over the last few days …

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The War Z creator Titov issues public apology

One of the creators behind War Z, a zombie survival MMO that received a wave of criticism before being locked on Steam, has apologised to its players. Sales of the zombie MMO were halted and some buyers refunded in December, after claims of misleading advertising”, forum censorship and controversial microtransactions …

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DayZ creator says The War Z saga is "depressing", made him consider quitting

Dean Hall, the creator of DayZ, has claimed that the saga surrounding the launch of rival title The War Z made him consider quitting the industry. The War Z was pulled from Steam yesterday following a raft of complaints from gamers due to false claims made in the game’s product …

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