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Trenched blocked by board game trademark

Upcoming XBLA title Trenched has been blocked from release due to a trademark dispute with a board game. Eurogamer reports that the game clashes with trademarks held by an abstract Portuguese board game Trench. The trademark was filed by Trench’s designer Rui Alpio Monteiro in 2007 and covers both board …

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Double Fine announces Trenched

Double Fine has lifted the lid on its newest XBLA project: Trenched. The game was revealed the game during the Game Developers’ Choice Awards by notable developer the studio’s boss Tim Schafer, who leads the team behind recent downloadable hits such as Stacking and Costume Quest. In Trenched, players fight …

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The road from Psychonauts to Sesame Street

Earlier this month the industry reacted with collected surprise at the news that the next game from Tim Schafer’s development studio Double Fine will be a licensed Sesame Street title. Double Fine is best known for a string of quirky original IP such as Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and Costume Quest. …

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