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Natal is for the hardcore too

Those who fear that the motion-based casual games revolution that was E3 jeopardises the core games market can rest at ease – Microsoft has assured users that Natal will be a platform for hardcore titles too. We love the existing controller, it’s not going anywhere and there will continue to …

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83 DS titles pass a million units

Cumulative sales of Nintendo’s original DS, DS Lite and DSi have now passed the 100m units sales mark globally, the platform holder has confirmed. In addition, Nintendo claims that a massive 83 DS software titles have now exceeded 1m unit sales, and an additional seven titles have each sold in …

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Team Ninja has three games in the works

Following the bombastic departure of acclaimed developer Tomonobu Itagaki from Tecmo’s Team Ninja, many had thought the studio to be destined for disbandment – but news has emerged that not only is it alive and kicking, but it has an impressive three titles in the works. Team member Jin Hasegawa …

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