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Sega announces Total War Saga spin-off series

Sega and Creative Assembly’s Total War franchise is getting a brand-new standalone spin-off series under the banner ‘A Total War Saga’, the publisher announced today. There’s no new game to announce just yet, said Sega, but initial plans for this "new class of historical Total War game" are now underway, …

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Total War TV show Time Commanders is returning

Remember that game show where folk would wage war using a version of the Total War engine? It’s coming back. The BBC has revealed that Time Commanders has been renewed for a new run. Creative Assembly’s Total War is seemingly back, too, what with the Total War Twitter account linking …

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Margin Makers: Guide to Sega merchandise

For the past 30 years, Sega has endured ups and downs, to put it mildly. It may never return to its ‘90s glory days, but it is currently enjoying a new lease of life on PC and mobile. Sega has revitalised its iconic character Sonic, created in 1991, by launching …

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