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Why Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas is great news for retail

Toys-to-life has had something of a rough ride of late after the shutdown of Disney Infinity. As some analysts have argued in the pages of MCV, that downturn may have been overstated, but it’s clear the genre still has its problems. Ubisoft’s exciting new Starlink: Battle for Atlas, however, looks …

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Ubisoft enters toys-to-life market with Star Link: Battle for Atlas

In an evening of surprises and unexpected reveals, Ubisoft continued on this theme at its E3 press conference by announcing a brand-new toys-to-life title, Star Link: Battle for Atlas, a brand-new IP from its Toronto studio. Using phsyical (and digital) starship figures, players can control a team of star pilots …

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Starbreeze acquires AR/VR toys-to-life company ePawn

The latest purchase of Swedish games firm Starbreeze is France’s ePawn, a company focused on virtual reality, augmented reality and toys-to-life. Starbreeze announced it has paid out €4.5m (3.8m) in total; €4m (3.3m) in shares, and another €1.5m (1.3m) in cash. For that figure, Starbreeze is also getting seven registered …

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Indie toys-to-life game Fabulous Beasts changes name to avoid Harry Potter confusion

Kickstarted title Fabulous Beasts has had a change of name following trademark issues with Warner Bros. The latter claimed that the toys-to-life game’s title was too similar to that of the upcoming Harry Potter spin-off movie, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. Developer Sensible Object thus decided to rename …

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Skylanders Imaginators will let gamers make their own character

Activision just announced a new installment in the Skylanders franchise. Skylanders Imaginators is set to be released in October and will give players the opportunity to create their own character. Gamers will be able to choose their Skylander’s appearance, powers, abilities, names, catchphrases and musical themes, amongst others. Eric Hirshberg, …

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Overall toys-to-life sales down 12% so far in 2016

More people may own toys-to-life games than ever, but players are spending less on them. That’s according to GfK Entertainment. MCV last week revealed that over 620,000 UK consumers own either a copy of Skylanders Superchargers, LEGO Dimensions or Disney Infinity 3, making it the most successful eight months yet …

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