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PS3 Trophy support confirmed for BioShock

Whilst retroactive developer support of PS3 Trophies seems a little uncertain at the moment, the hope is that upcoming titles will all support Sony’s new Achievement system – and the upcoming PS3 version of BioShock is the latest title to join in the fun. In an article on the 2K …

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Universal PS3 Trophy support thrown into doubt

Despite claims that the PS3’s entire software catalogue will eventually boast support for PS3’s new Trophy system, three developers have now come out and stated that they will not be patching their existing titles. Infinity Ward has said on its forum that it has no plans to patch Call of …

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Widespread Trophy support promised

Though Sony has experienced a little teething trouble with its long-awaited 2.40 PS3 firmware update, the excitement about the machine’s new Trophy system continues to build – and Sony has now confirmed that Trophies will eventually be rolled out into every single PS3 title. Though Super Stardust HD is the …

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Developers pledge PS3 Trophy support

Following Monday’s clarification of Sony’s plans for its new Trophy system , the first games supporting the update have gone live – and more developers have pledged their support for the new rewards scheme. Firmware 2.40 was made live this morning and is now available for download from the PSN …

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Sony details PS3 Trophy system

PS3 platform holder Sony has finally released some concrete details about its PS3 Trophy system that will be introduced with the machine’s next firmware update, 2.40. In a new update on the US PlayStation Blog, Sony’s director of PSN Operations Eric Lempel outlined what Sony has in mind for its …

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In-game XMB and Trophies confirmed for PS3

Sony has now officially confirmed that its latest PS3 firmware update, versions 2.40, will indeed include both access to the in-game XMB and Sony’s take on Xbox 360 Achievements – known as Trophies. The XMB (or cross-media-bar) is essentially the PS3’s user menu. Currently, users are forced to quit out …

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