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Franchise potential, long-term vision and community-driven: Is your game what Sega Searchlight is looking for?

Following up on Sega’s acquisition of Two Point Studios, we have a chat with Bobby Wertheim, who works at Sega’s incubation programme Searchlight. He details why the firm wants to acquire indie studios, what we can expect from the publishing label and what the process is like when you sign up with Searchlight

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Sega will announce a new game from Two Point Studios today

Sega is making an announcement today, after several teases on social media, and it could be a spiritual successor to Theme Park, if rumours are to be believed. Here’s what we know. Sega tweeted out a picture of a light bulb with the date January 16 written in text next …

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Sega Europe signs publishing deal with Two Point Studios

Sega Europe has announced a new publishing parternship with Two Point Studios, the Surrey-based studio headed up by industry veteran Gary Carr and Lionhead co-founder Mark Webley. The duo, who were previously responsible for titles such as Theme Park, Black & White and Fable, already have a new sim title …

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