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Staffordshire University becomes first in UK to offer an esports degree

Staffordshire University has become the first education establishment in the United Kingdom to offer a degree on Esports. Those choosing to study the course will graduate with a BA (Hons) in Esports, a course that, according to its outline, “focusses on the business of eSports. You will learn how to …

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Biggest ever League of Legends College Championship runs this weekend

The League of Legends College Championship is taking place in Los Angeles this weekend, from May 25 – 28. This event is the largest League of Legends College Championship, with eight teams competing this year — the winning team from four different regional divisions, a trio of wildcard slots, and …

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University of Toronto introduces Canada’s first eSports scholarship

The University of Toronto has become the first university in Canada to offer an eSports scholarship to students.  The Victor Xin Scholarship in eSports has been funded, as you may have guess, by Victor Xin a UoT alumnus who is a managing partner at an investment firm. Any undergraduate student …

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